31 Jan 2012

8 black hair care Youtubers to watch


Black hair style: Relaxed

Ulovemegz has a mine of information on products and method to retain length. She is relaxed but her advice is also valid for natural hair. If you're a fan of Organic Roots Stimulator, she regularly reviews their products.


Black hair style: Natural

This is by far one of the most impressive naturals out there. With her incredibly long and thick locks, she is the ultimate hairspiration and is not afraid of telling us how she achieved it: braids, braids, braids.

Top Youtube videos: My natural hairjourney from 2004-2009; Gentle braid removal; A few braidout tips.


Black hair style: Natural

This channel is all about natural hair styles. It’s an excellent resource if you don't want to wear the same style every day. It also proves that it's possible to achieve great style on your own. Tutorials are detailed and videos are often longer than 10 minutes. And as her hair grew along the years, you’ll get ideas for short and long hair.


Black hair style: Natural

If you are interested in methods rather than products, you should definitely take a look at Whitney’s videos. She reveals her tips to wash, condition, twist her thick natural hair with HD quality tutorials.


Black hair style: Transitioning  to natural

Ninapruitt was documented her transition to natural hair mainly with braidouts and twistouts. Her tutorials demonstrate how to use satin scarves to obtain event better results.


Black hair style: Natural

Kimmaytube is one of the heavyweights on Youtube with thousands of video views. She takes a scientific approach to black haircare and has achieved amazing results in three years. We just wish the tone of her channel was less 'commercial'.


Black hair style: Natural

This is another channel that will help you master simple natural hairstyles, essentially twistouts and braidouts. The videos are short and to the point. The only difference with Ninapruitt is that her hair is entirely natural.


Black hair style: Natural

You know how annoying it can be when some youtubers only show their hair when it’s freshly blow-dried and flat ironed? Sunshower143 is the opposite. She wears her hair in protective styles 99% of the time in real life and on camera. Because she styles her own hair, you will actually see her braiding and twisting.

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